World Vegan Day


What is world vegan day?

World vegan day is annual event. Every year on the 1st of November vegans and non-vegans alike celebrate world vegan day. On this day advocates of veganism raise awareness in many diffrent ways, these ways will have changed over the years. World vegan day was created in 1994 by a British animal rights activist by the name of Louise Wallis.  She created the event to mark the vegan society’s 50th anniversary of which she was elected president in 1991. Since world vegan day was created it has been celebrated globally.


Every year on world vegan day a number of festivals take place around the world and exhibitions are held. Some places hold local events with food stalls selling vegan food and talks about veganism. Cooking demonstration take place and charity events supporting organisation such as PETA.

Most of the activity regarding world vegan day can be found online. where as in 1994 people did not have smart phones or even internet now world vegan day will be spread far and wide via Facebook posts, tweets, videos, hash tags and so on.

Veganuary is a similar celebration of veganism and has doubled in participation every year since it began in 2014. Veganuary is a UK non-profit organization that encourages people to try a vegan diet for the entire month of January. This event just like world vegan day raises awareness of veganism with countless posts of peoples meals shared on social media. Physical events also take place such as food festivals. If veganuary keeps growing at its current rate it will overtake World vegan day with regards to participation in the coming year.