what is a vegan

What are Vegans?


What are Vegans?

A vegan is someone who does not eat any animal products including milk, cheese, and eggs.  Vegans also abstain from using animal products such as leather and also products that have been tested on animals such as cosmetics. Basically, a vegan is someone who does not condone the exploitation of any animals by humans, whether it’s for food, health, clothing or other things such as glue.

Vegans differ from vegetarians in many ways. A vegetarian will not eat meat from any animal including fish. However, a vegetarian will eat milk, cheese and eggs and all the foods that contain those products such as chocolate, cheesecake, and certain biscuits. A vegetarian will also wear animal products be it footwear, clothing or cosmetics and vegetarians also use products that have been tested on animals.

The medical definition of a vegan is, a strict vegetarian that eliminates all food of animal origin from their diet.


The majority of vegans do not turn vegan overnight, many of them transition from a normal omnivorous diet to a vegan one over months and years. The most common way to turn vegan is to eliminate certain products at a time and replacing them with a vegan option, for example replacing cows milk with a vegan alternative such as soya milk. There are many alternative kinds of milk to cows milk. 

Veganism has become more popular in recent years and is still on the rise, this can be attributed to many things but social media has in no doubt played the biggest part in the accent of veganism. Social media has helped spread awareness of what veganism is and also the benefits of being vegan. Platforms such as YouTube has enabled people to educate themselves on the meat and dairy industry as well as the environmental impact of those industries. The internet, in general, has allowed people to research and discover the potential health benefits of going vegan.