Vegan Pizza Sales Double In January At Pizza Hut UK


Pizza Hut UK have reported that their vegan sales have almost doubled in the month of January. Pizza Hut created a buzz amongst vegans with a Veganuary campaign. Last year in Veganuary Pizza Hut launched a vegan jackfruit pizza. They promised it would become a permanent menu item if they sold more than 10,000 of them during Veganuary. After 17,700 orders, they announced their vegan pizza would be available from March, as a permanent fixture on their vegan menu.

This year Pizza Hut Released the Pepperphoni pizza with many people hailing it as a game changer. On the 1st of February Pizza Hut UK announced that they will be adding the popular vegan Pepperphoni as a permanent addition to the menu. During Veganuary Pizza Hut Released several videos of celebrities doing  blind taste tests of the Pepperphoni Pizza With most of the celebrities not being able to tell the difference between real Pepperoni Pizza and the vegan version.


All this adds up to a quite substantial vegan menu compared to other restaurants. To name but a few you have the Vegan All About Mushrooms, vegan Margherita and the vegan Hot & Spicy Veg. They also have some non pizza vegan options in the southern fried nuggets and the I Cant Believe It’s Not Cheesecake desert.

In related news Pizza Hut have also said that they aim to be a carbon-neutral business by 2030. Pizza Hut UK CEO said: “At Pizza Hut Restaurants we are dedicated to evolving our practices and processes with the aim of being a more responsible business. Our vegan menu is one of the many initiatives we have in place, including our food donation program and our continued commitment to food waste reduction,” 

Pizza Hut have also added alternatives milk products to its staff centres and also have a dedicated company vegan group for team members to share  experiences and useful tips to eating vegan.

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