vegan advent calendars

Vegan Advent Calendars are Now Easy to Find


Vegan Christmas advent calendars

The countdown to Christmas is fast approaching and no countdown to Christmas is complete without a festive chocolate Christmas advent calendar. Kids and grown up alike find joy and excitement in counting down to Christmas day with a daily chocolate treat, hidden behind a small door with a festive image on it.

Up until very recently vegans had to miss out on this Christmas tradition. It has been extremely difficult over the years to find vegan Christmas calendars or even vegan chocolate for that matter. Many varieties of dark chocolate have long since been vegan but finding dark chocolate collections in the form of a Christmas calendar was sometimes a mission impossible. 

As veganism Booms and continues to gain popularity supermarkets and manufacturers are finally clicking on. This year its easier than ever to find vegan chocolate advent calendars. Next year will be yet even easier and so on until there will be as many vegan calendars as there is non-vegan ones.  

Buy Vegan advent colanders

Here are 2 great vegan advent calendars that won’t break the bank.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Alternative Like No Udder Advent Calendar

A smooth and creamy vegan milk chocolate calendar. As much cocoa as in regular chocolate but without any cows milk. 

Buy it here: Organic & Vegan Milk Chocolate Alternative

Organic & Vegan Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

Delicious dark organic chocolate. Contains 240g of the richest, smoothest chocolate. Ideal for any dark chocolate lovers vegan and non-vegans

Buy it here: Organic & Vegan Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar


These advent calenders can be bought for vegans and non-vegans. As a vegan, Christmas time can raise some ethical issues as it can be argued that a vegan should not buy non-vegan products as gifts for other people, even if that’s what they want.

With these two delicious calenders you do not need to worry, you can buy these for all the family and no one will complain, the milk chocolate calendar uses some of the nicest vegan milk chocolate available and dark chocolate is almost always vegan. 

Thanks to the same makers of these vegan advent calendars you can now also get romantic vegan chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

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