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Tesco Launch A Full Range Of THIS™ Vegan Meat Products.


Available in 744 Tesco Stores

The Supermarket giant has announced that it is launching the full range of THIS™ products. The range will be available in 744 Tesco stores across the UK from today. The Range includes THIS™ Bacon rashers (£2.95), Chicken Tikka pieces (£2.95), Chicken Salt & Pepper pieces (£3.65) and Chicken Goujons (£3.85).

THIS™  is a British vegan brand that has already more than doubled its supermarket revenue this year. The alternative meat brand has sold more than 3 million servings of chicken and bacon in less than a year. THIS launched in June 2019, since then they have sold millions of plant-based meat products.  Co-founders Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman had established a burger restaurant chain. They left that business and decided they wanted to eat far less meat. But when they tried the alternative meats on offer they found them less than appetizing. They quickly decided that they should make plant-based meats. The company makes realistic vegan versions of bacon and chicken. The Products are predominately made from soy bean protein, water and pea protein.

Tesco Launch A Range Of THIS

Vegan Demand

Tesco’s plant based buyer commented that the demand for vegan products was astounding and will most likely continue. In a statement Tesco’s plant-based buying manager said, “We’re really excited to be launching THIS™. We know that taste and product quality are the primary drivers for our meat-free customers, as well as the growing concern around health,” 

The Buying Manager also said, “The demand has grown at an astounding rate and will most likely continue as more and more consumers become environmentally and health-conscious.”

1st birthday

The Company is only 1 year old so to get into Tesco at this stage is amazing. One of the co-founders, Andy Shovel, said:

“Launching into Tesco marks our 1st birthday, in massive style. We want THIS to punch a gigantic hole in this category, on-boarding millions of meat-lovers who haven’t yet been won over by plant-based food. Launching in the U.K.’s largest food retailer is a gigantic milestone for us, and on our side, we’ll keep brand-building at breakneck speed – to make the most of it.”

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