Pret A Manger vegan milk

Pret A Manger Stop Charging Extra for Plant Based Milks


As though it was something to be proud of Pret A Manger announced on Instagram that it will no longer charge extra for plant based milks. In Reality, they should be ashamed that they charged extra in the first place and that it took them this long to drop the extra charge. It could be argued that it’s better late than never though. Customers can now order their choice of beverage with either soy milk rice-coconut milk or the increasingly popular oat milk at no extra charge. Oat milk has gained popularity due to the way it foams up like traditional cows milk. 


vegan croissant

Pret A Manger do deserve credit for their recent vegan additions to its food menu. As well as the introduction of oat milk in all UK stores they have also launched a vegan croissant. The Very Berry Croissant consists of a vegan Croissant pastry filled with a berry compote and topped with sugar. Back in early January Pret A Manger released a number of vegan food options. These option included a Rainbow Veggie Pot consisting of Hummus, carrots, radishes, and mustard cress. They also released an Asian Greens Veggie Pot with Avocados and peas amongst other ingredients. Three new soups and broths were also added to the menu which are all dairy free and gluten free. Pret a Manger also added 3 new vegan breakfast options, a Mango Chia pot, Apple & Pomegranate Overnight Oats and a Coconut Porridge. The brand have also announced that on the 24th of January Prets Veggie Miso Will go vegan making it a very good month for vegan customers.


Charging Extra For Vegan Milk

Pret a Manger are not the only ones unfairly charging vegans and non vegans for wanting to consume an alternative to dairy milk. Starbucks amongst others still charge extra for having alternative milks. A petition from PETA asking Starbucks to drop the unfair charge has already accrued over 180,000 signatures and is still rising. At one point in time the surcharge may have been justifiable as alternative milk sales were low and the price difference was high, but this is no longer the case the sales are soaring and the price difference is miniscule.

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