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Pret A Manger Open 2 More veggie Stores In London Today


Pret A Manger are opening 2 new Veggie/vegan stores Today 12th of March 2020. The 2 new stores will bring the total number of veggie stores to 10. The new branches are to be opened on St Mary Axe and King William Street. Pret a Manger also opened another veggie store earlier this month in Cardinal Place.  

Pret opened its first veggie store back in 2016. They predicted that when they converted the existing branch to a vegetarian/vegan outlet that sales would drop by up to 30%. The project was seen as an investment/research (i.e. a loss maker). But Pret A Manger were taken by Surprise as the outlet on Broadwick Street had a sales rise of over 70%. The two biggest sellers at the time were the Dairy-free Chocolatey Coconut Bite (a vegan bar) and the Cacao & Orange Pot (a vegan dessert). The top 8 selling products were all vegan rather than vegetarian. At the time Pret said ”we have underestimated how strong the vegan movement is”. In 2018 Pret a Manger opened its first veggie store outside of London. Thanks to popular demand they opened a veggie branch in Manchester.

Fast-forward to 2020 and Pret A Manger are definitely taking the vegan boom seriously. In January this year Pret finally stopped Charging Extra for Plant Based Milks. They also Launched a brand-new vegan croissant which proved very popular in all Pret stores. The current bestsellers across all the veggie stores are The Egg less Mayo and Cress Baguette and the vegan BLT.

vegan croissant

Final thoughts

In the coming years we will no doubt see more Pret stores converted into veggie outlets. Hopefully these stores will have a heavy emphasis on vegan options rather than vegetarian. As Vegan sales sky rocket we may see similar chains such as Starbucks adopt meatless outlets also.

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