plant-based tuna

New Plant-Based Tuna To Launch In Tesco


Chef brothers Derek Sarno and Chad Sarno have developed a new vegan friendly tuna which is to be released and sold in Tesco across the UK. The two brothers also created Tesco’s Popular Wicked Kitchen vegan range. The tuna will be available in three different flavours – oil & herbs, naked in water and Mediterranean. The main ingredients of the new tuna are peas, chickpeas, lentils and soy. Seaweed has been used as the main flavour. The sarno bothers have said the product took years to develop, and they had to start over several times to ensure they got the product right.

Loma Linda’s vegan Tuna

The New Good Catch tuna is not the first vegan tuna to be released in the UK. In early 2019 Loma Linda’s vegan Tuna   launched in the UK. The tinned tuna also came in three different flavours – Lemon Pepper, Sriracha and spring water. However, This launch has proved unsuccessful over time. The tuna was initially available in 1,600 health stores, but has failed to make an impact amongst vegans. The product proved popular with consumers in US so perhaps the lack of impact in the UK was down to bad marketing. Maybe the product just needs more time infiltrate the market.

Popular Alternatives To Seafood Are Urgent

For the sake of the worlds oceans and its inhabitants it is vitally important that people stop eating fish, or a plant based alternative takes it place. To stop the dwindling fish populations, a large chunk of seafood eaters need to be converted to an alternative. The only way this will happen is if a plant based option looks and tastes like the real deal with a very similar texture. This product would also need marketing in the right way. It would also require healthy budget to get the brand and name propagated. 

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