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Nestlé Are Launching Vegan Sausages In Europe And US


After the success of their plant based burgers Nestlé are launching their new plant based sausages across Europe and the USA. The new Garden Gourmet Incredible Sausage is soy based and will be released in Europe on the 11th of March. The sausages will come in two different styles, a Bratwurst Style and a chorizo style. Nestlé are launching different types of sausages in the US, a pea protein based Sweet Earth Sausage. 3 styles of sausage will be released in the US, a Habanero Cheddar, Asian Ginger Scallion and a Chik n apple. The sausages will be launched in the US in the beginning of April.

incredible-sausage nestle

Looks like they will be advertising these sausages as a BBQ item. With an image released on showing the new sausages which have been on a barbecue grill. They also said, ”Good news for barbecue fans who want to put some vegan treats on the grill this year: Nestlé is launching plant-based sausages in Europe and the United States that look, taste and cook like a sausage should”.

The company has said that it is committed to making more sustainable plant based products as people continue to look for ways to eat more healthy and lower their carbon footprints.

Nestlé the brand

Nestlé is a brand with a questionable history when it comes to ethics. Child labour and deforestation amongst other scandalous practises. Some vegans boycott the company and with good reason. With many of these unethical behaviours long in the past Nestlé no doubt want people to forget about their chequered history. They do seem to be doing some good things with the recent announcement that they want to achieve net zero green house emission by 2050. The company also said that all their packaging will be completely recyclable or reusable by 2025.

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