Beyond meat in vegan china

KFC, Pizza Hut And Taco Bell In China Start Selling Beyond Meat


China is going vegan

Veganism looks as though it’s booming in China. KFC, Pizza Hut And Taco Bell have announced that as of today they will be selling a range of products using Beyond Meat. The products will be sold in select locations nationwide.

They will at first offer limited runs of Beyond Meat products in an effort to gauge Chinese consumer response. These limited runs can also be a marketing tactic. Just last week In Shanghai a KFC sold out of vegan chicken nuggets within hours of launch and that made international headlines. 

The reason these three food outlets are offering Beyond Meat at exactly the same time is because they all fall under the parent company Yum China. It is the Chinese company Yum China that have struck the deal with Beyond Meat. KFC will be selling the Beyond Burger, Pizza Hut are offering a twin burger combo. And Taco Bell will serve tacos made with Beyond Beef.

Pizza Hut china launch a twin burger combo

The Chinese Artificial Meat Race

This is not the first major vegan announcement in China. Beyond Meat recently teamed up with Starbucks in China to introduce Beyond Meat to its menu. Not long after that the bubble tea chain HeyTea started selling a plant-based cheeseburger on its menu. Meanwhile, Nestle announced that it would be investing 100 million dollars into a new plant-based meat factory in China.

Artificial meat is becoming more common around the world, but a keen eye is kept on china in particular. Maybe this is in part due to their embedded culture of eating many types of meat including many wild animals. And even animals that people in the west consider pets and therefore off the menu. Perhaps the main reason is the sheer number of people living there. China has the biggest population on earth and if they have a big shift in dietary choices it will have a major impact in many different ways. 

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