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KFC In The Netherlands Will Not Sell Meat For An Entire Week


A KFC in the Netherlands will be the first major fast food chain in the world to not sell any meat. KFC has its critics amongst vegans and vegetarians and rightly so. Their practices over the years with regard to the treatment of animals have been poor to say the least. Although it is money motivated they have been introducing vegan options of late which can only be a good thing. Now in a world first for a global fast food chain, a branch in Rotterdam has announced that during ‘Week Without Meat’ all options at restaurant will be replaced with veggie alternatives.

‘Week Without Meat’ is an annual campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of a meat-free diet. The week starts on the 9th of March and runs until the 15th of March. The campaign was launched in 2018.

Instead of Chicken the Branch in the Netherlands will serve Chickenless Crispy Tenders. They will also serve Chickenless box meals and a new Chickenless Chicken Burger. The New Chickenless Burger is made of Quorn and coated with KFC’s signature secret spices.

KFC Chickenless Chicken Burger

KFC’s Vegan Options

In January this year KFC launched Its vegan burger in the UK. According to KFC they sold a whopping 1 million in less than a month which equates to 1 sold every 3 seconds. This is similar to the success that Greggs had when it launched its vegan sausage roll in January 2019. Greggs also tried to emulate the success of the vegan sausage roll by releasing the Greggs vegan steak bake in January 2020. Although it was and is very successful it did not have the same impact as the vegan sausage roll which was sold out across the UK for weeks before they could catch up with demand.

KFC have also recently partnered with US plant-based company Beyond Meat to produce a vegan chicken nugget. The new nuggets will be trialled in dozens of restaurants in the US. If successful we will no doubt see them in the UK in the near future. 

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