Joaquin Phoenix vegan of the year 2019

Joaquin Phoenix Is Vegan Of The Year 2019


Joaquin Phoenix Wins the vegan boom’s vegan of the year award with a massive 43% of the vote. Greta Thunberg came in second with 26% of the vote.

Joaquin Phoenix is a deserved winner, he has participated in many animal rights activities throughout the year, gave interviews about how and why he is vegan and seems to stay humble despite his success. Earlier in the year he starred in one of the biggest films of 2019 in Warner bros Joker.


Joaquin Phoenix has done such good work for the cause that he has also won PETA’s 2019 Person of the year. He has appeared in many ads for PETA including a poster that went up in Times Square, and a video which involved him being deprived of oxygen in a swimming pool to show how fish suffer when they are caught.  

Earlier this year he gave an interview in which he was asked why he went vegan. He described the moment he and his sibling went vegan. Amazingly, Joaquin Phoenix was just 3 years old when he went vegan and has been an animal rights advocate ever since.

Just days after the premier of the joker film he took photographers with him to a Los Angeles slaughter house where he took part with a group intercepting trucks full of pigs destined for slaughter and gave them water and comfort in their final moments of life.

Because of these acts and more I think its obvious that Joaquin Phoenix is the vegan of the year 2019.

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