greggs vegan steak bake

Greggs New Vegan Steak Bake Is official


Vegans can now look forward to a Greggs Vegan steak bake. The new vegan version of the best-seller is due to go on sale in early January if not sooner. Greggs did hint at new vegan options coming in January 2020, but did not specify which of their best-sellers would be turned vegan. Now we know after a steak bake sign was spotted in a Greggs Bakery and shared on Instagram by a user called Healing With Houmous. 

According to the image the new vegan steak bake will include savoury flavour Quorn, mycoprotein pieces and diced onions in gravy, wrapped in crispy puff pastry. The image also shows the price at £1.55 to take away or £1.85 to eat in store.

There have also been reports That Greggs will be releasing a vegan glazed doughnut in late December. These reports apparently stem from a leak from an insider within the bakery chain. The insider leaked the news to who swiftly reported on it.

vegan glazed doughnut

The Secrecy around the new vegan menu is no doubt a clever marketing ploy by Greggs to generate hype for their new vegan products. After the success of the Greggs vegan sausage roll that was launched in early 2019 it is no wonder they want to try to emulate that success with new products in January 2020.

It is anticipated that Greggs will offer more vegan options of their best-sellers in the coming months. The sausage and bean melt is one of Greggs top selling products that could be turned vegan next.

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