Gary Yourofsky

Gary Yourofsky Vegan Legend


Gary Yourofsky a retired vegan animal rights activist

Gary Yourofsky retired from animal rights activism around march of 2017. This includes social media, tv interviews and speeches to large audiences of which he gave many across the world. The reason he gave for his retirement came in the form of a final Facebook post in which he said

“My tank is completely empty, so I will no longer be online or active in any capacity besides helping students with animal rights projects and answering emails from people who are beginning their vegan journeys.”

He deserves legendary status amongst vegans due to the sheer number of people he has turned vegan with his speeches and interviews. in particular the so-called ”best speech you will ever hear”  which has been shared and viewed millions of times and has been translated into over 30 different languages. 


Gary Yourofsky’s career

Born in 1970 Gary Yourofsky to an American Jewish family. he was arrested 13 times between the years 1997-2001. His longest stint in jail was in a Canadian maximum security prison for 77 days. His crime was breaking into a Canadian fur farm and releasing 1,543 minks. He is banned from entering both Canada and Great Britain.

In 2002 – 2005 Gary Yourofsky was hired as PETA’s official national lecturer. In 2005 Gary left PETA and continued his activism via social media, tv interviews and speeches until his retirement in March 2017.


Gary Yourofsky is probably one of the most controversial vegan activists there has ever been.  He completely disregards politically correct culture and gives statements and speeches that trigger even staunch vegans. Some people like that about him and some other people believe that is why he was so successful in converting thousands of people to veganism. He often compared animal agriculture to the holocaust of world war two which attracted a lot of criticism.  below is a typical Gary Yourofsky tv news interview this one is in Israel where Gary Yourofsky arguably had the biggest impact of all countries. 


Upon his retirement, Gary yurosfky wanted to clarify and correct the following things.

1. Since humanity thrives on abuse, discrimination and injustice 24/7, I no longer believe veganism can reduce or eliminate the depraved things we do to each other. From teenage mothers throwing their unwanted newborn babies in the trash, and parents physically or mentally abusing their own kids, to men raping women and children, domestic abuse, sweat-shops, the diamond industry, racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism and endless religious wars, we are the nastiest, filthiest, deadliest parasitic-organisms to ever infect The Universe! Fortunately, vegan lifestyles weren’t created for us. They exist to reduce and eliminate the depraved things we do to animals and the environment. So the fight to end speciesism must continue!

2. In the I-24 Israeli interview, I said there were no vegan rapists in the prisons of the world. I never should’ve made that statement because men – whether atheist, religious, democrat, republican, anarchist, white, black, Asian, Latino, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-gun, anti-gun, etc. – will sadistically continue to rape women and children no matter what lifestyle they follow. SO I FULLY RETRACT THAT STATEMENT.

I also said that new vegans should wear-out their old cow-skin shoes since the damage had already been done. I no longer recommend that because using/wearing animal-skin is ALWAYS obscene, whether the items are old or new. If you discovered that your old shoes were made of dog-skin or Jew-skin, you wouldn’t create an excuse to ignore those victims so why create one when cows are the victims? Throw animal-skin products in the trash where they belong!

I also accidentally said that 50% of Nike shoes were made of synthetic leather. That is not accurate. When she asked the question, my mind was hollering “talk about the many vegan-friendly shoe companies like New Balance or Converse”, and then an old stat from Nike popped into my head, and then it all got jumbled and came out wrong. UGH! Sorry, but when one speaks publicly as much as I used to, it’s impossible not to make mistakes.

3. In the HUMAN RIGHTS HYPOCRITES video, I said Palestinians were the craziest group of people on the planet. That is not true, and I unequivocally take that back. The apologist-pacifist-intersectionalist vegan community is the craziest by far! Then it’s ALL the non-vegan “oppressed” humans (blacks, women, LGBT, Palestinians, Jews, Hispanics, etc.) and non-vegan human rights activists because they’re proudly supporting the rape, baby-stealing, enslavement and murder of animals, unequivocally denying them the same rights of life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness that they’re demanding/receiving! Plus, if these hypocrites ever became vegan, they’d simply morph into the first group of self-righteous “humans-first animals-last” lunatics! Basically, everyone else is next, with NON apologist/NON pacifist/NON intersectionalist vegans bringing up the rear because we are the least destructive/hypocritical. Concerning my misanthropy, Malcolm X once said, “You can’t be anti-slavery and pro-slave master.”

So, even though I empathize with certain groups when they battle others (LGBTs over straights, blacks over whites, women over men), I no longer care about “oppressed” humans because they don’t care about the animals they endlessly oppress on a daily basis. With this being said, I will not tolerate defamatory charges of racism, or supporting rape, or whatever other slurs the apologist-pacifist-intersectionalist vegan community wants to manufacture.

And, FTR, being a misanthrope doesn’t mean I hate individuals, necessarily. It means I collectively despise humanity because we are toxic to everything that exists. So spare me the Pee Wee Herman-like retort of “Gary, since you hate humans, then you must hate yourself, too?” I still say it’s absurd that people discuss my non-harmful enmity. Will another argument ensue as I now reveal that I hate The Who more than The Rolling Stones, and Star Wars more than James Bond movies, even though I despise all four?

4. In my Georgia Tech speech, I referred to eggs as hen periods. Most are still unaware that this was a Comedy Central Roast-like joke. Remember, I was influenced by comedy (George Carlin) as much as militancy (Malcolm X). Since birds don’t menstruate, eggs are technically not a part of their period. But it’s still an entertaining line to use when roasting carnists so there’s no need to eliminate it from your repertoire.

In my 2014 EXCUSES speech, with scientifically-accurate humor, I explained that if people perpetually crave and consume objects (eggs) that come OUT of a bird’s cloaca – which is the poop-hole, pee-hole, vaginal-fluid hole and egg-hole all in one – and cook stuffing inside of a turkey’s ass so it can marinate in shit-particles during the baking process, then humans have a big-ass bestial-scat-fetish for bird-ass! Toss in the consumption of breasts, legs and thighs, and squeezing cow-nipples to extract milk for cereal, cheese and pastries, and it’s a bestiality ball at every meal!

I was recently watching reruns of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Jennifer Aniston and Steve Harvey showed up to play Pictionary because Fallon loves playing goofy games. Aniston had to draw a picture so Harvey would guess the phrase “Holy Cow”! She drew the body of an animal that appeared to be a cow. When Harvey instead said “sheep, goat”, Aniston drew udders as a hint. I immediately realized that if people wanted to depict cows in a drawing, but didn’t possess Andy Warhol’s skills, cows would be the only animal where NIPPLES could be drawn to describe them because humanity’s favourite pastime has always been stroking cow nipples to extract secretions!