holographic circus elephant

A German Circus Leads The Way As It Uses Amazing Holograms Instead Of Animals.


The Popular German Circus Roncalli has long since been ahead of its time with regard to animal ethics. At least compared to other circuses. This German circus phased out the use of wild animals long before other circuses way back in the 1990s. After that they only used domestic horses, But earlier this year they stopped using animals altogether.

Roncalli circus was mainly focused on human acts such as ass clowns and acrobats. After the founder of the circus watched the Super Bowl in 2018 he decided he wanted to reintroduce animals into the show. Bernhard Paul watched a half time Super Bowl show in which Justin Timberlake performed alongside a holographic projection of  Music legend Prince. Bernhard then decided he wanted to emulate this in his circus with animals.

Circus of the future

It took a crew of designers and software engineers to create these magical 3D holograms. They use numerous projectors placed around the circus ring to achieve these breathtaking holograms that awe audiences. Stampeding horses appear out of nowhere and huge African elephants perform classic circus tricks like balancing on their front legs. They even have giant fish swimming in mid-air.

Circuses in general have been struggling in recent years in no small part due to the use of animals in the shows. As more people become aware of animals exploitation. And information emerges on the treatment of these animals in circus shows people have been boycotting these this type of entertainment. Other factors that play a part are modern day pass times such as video games and films. 

A lot of circuses around the world have stopped using wild animals such as elephants in recent years. This is due to attitude changers amongst consumers. Some circuses have been forced to change their use of animals by law. Many American states have implemented restrictions on the use of wild animals in circuses. Earlier this year the UK  introduced a rule that bans circuses from using wild animals.

As animals protection laws increase into the future and consumers demand less animal exploitation circuses will no doubt stop using animals altogether. And circuses like Roncalli are trail blazers which many circuses will seek to emulate and even improve upon. So despite what many people may have been thinking, circuses are not going to be consigned to the past. With the use of modern technology they can still be a part of our collective cultures and continue entertaining people well into the future.  

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